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Time for change!

I had my brick and mortar when Covid broke out. Thank goodness because my training and development business stopped dead in almost a single day. My store customers were thrilled, they had somewhere to go and get supplies and stay busy at home creating. Some customers had lost their jobs and started paint businesses repurposing furniture. I was very busy teaching others the craft and making people happy. I got Covid in September 2020 (the first time I had ever been sick in 70 years) and was in bed for 3 was very intense, but I had no lung or breathing issues...just pain, vertigo, and exhaustion. Two of my best friends minded the shop while I was in bed. It took me a couple months to get back on my feet, but when I did, just went back to living.

Now that Covid is more of an afterthought here in Texas, I am back to facilitating leadership development for companies here and mostly in the construction industry in Texas...the store unfortunately has just dwindled down to a nonprofit business. As a business consultant I am smart enough to know when to cut my losses…retail can be a wicked business and I just believe God decided He needed me somewhere else, so I have made a strategic business decision to move the shop to three booth locations with Painted Tree Boutiques. I am still in retail, but I have reduced my risk and have increased sales. I still have everything WoodUBend (largest retail inventory in the country,) Posh Chalk, Dixie Belle, Prima Redesign, and several other lines. I am just cutting out a lot of the middleman and government expenses and the tremendous amount of time it takes in running a retail business to focus on building the business a different way. You all can still call me for coaching or to learn anything I can share with you.

I am now moving my art supplies to my three home studios, (each has a different purpose, floral design, paint in different mediums, and accessory and jewelry design) and I am quite excited because for 5 years I have not been able to create art except for custom orders...I miss creating and I will not miss the business of a full time 72, I do not want to miss this part of my life creating...and I do not want to shut myself from all those whom I love. I have made so many friends through the store and I am still here for you. I am going to focus on creating, making videos, Instagram and Tik Toks. My website is still very active with all products on it. I am also committed to getting back to writing, I have put it off too long. I will continue to sell, continue to influence, continue to teach, and continue to create! The good news, I am still here, and I am excited about getting back to doing what I do best and running successful businesses.

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