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Why a Store?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I am sure many people have wondered why I decided to open a actually was not my first intention. While living in McKinney, Texas I had intended to have an online store and do shows. After my husband retired from his company in Dallas, he took a position in Corpus Christi and it only made sense to move back to Spring. The drive from Corpus to McKinney was much too far to do every week. So, once the decision was made to move back to Spring, Texas I was hit with the reality that I had to move a lot of "stuff." If you saw all I had accumulated in six and a half years living in McKinney, you might have accused me of being a hoarder. I had never intended to move the stuff, just sell it from there. With Spring being a different market, I knew I would have to open a store...that was 20 months ago.

It has been quite a process unpacking the "stuff," and there are at least 50 boxes to go. I have had to make jewelry and glasses, paint furniture and unpack and sort about 200 sets of china. The 2nd set of movers packed everything in a disorganized manner...and broke a lot! So, as you might well understand, it has also been a very painful process as well.

I am approaching two years in four months and still trying to get the store open, only to realize...I do not have enough before I really get going I will probably have to expand. So why a store...I have a lot of "stuff."

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